COVID-19 vs Weddings

If you are a bride or groom during the COVID-19 pandemic, first I would like to apologize. I am so sorry that such a heavy, complex thing happened in the midst of your celebration. All of your plans are now on hold, including all of the hard work you did for your wedding.

But I also want to encourage you. This isn't an easy time, but we will get through it. I have seen communities band together and help each other out. We will be out of this storm soon.

My heart goes out to all of the brides and grooms during this season. If you live in Arizona and your wedding has been affected by this pandemic, please send me an email.

Some couples are doing virtual weddings, I would love to help in anyway I can during this time. Or, if you decide to wait until your friends and family can meeting in person, let me help you get your planning back on track. I would love to help you get your deposits back and create a new plan.

I am so sorry that this horrible thing had to happen during your engagement.