How to Choose a Color Scheme

Every wedding has two or three colors that tie the wedding together. These colors are often seen on bridesmaids dresses, flowers, reception decorations and the cake. But what looks good together?

Don't choose loud colors. You and your partner are the center of attention, not your hot pink and black wedding.

If you would like an outside, casual wedding choose neutrals and pastels. This will create an airy atmosphere to your wedding.

Instead if you prefer a dramatic but elegant wedding, choose darker colors. If you want red, choose a dark wine color. If you want blue, lean towards deep navy blue. This will create a classy atmosphere at your wedding.

Base your colors off of the time of year and venue.

Always choose four or five colors, two colors to be the focus and two colors to compliment. Pinterest is the best tool for this, there are countless color combinations for you to choose from.