So You're Engaged, Now What?

Updated: May 27, 2020

Your partner finally proposes and you two spend all weekend calling your friends and family. You post it online and everyone shares in your celebration. You can't believe it's finally your time to get married!

Monday morning rolls around and you still can't stop looking at your ring. But then reality hits- you don't know how to plan a wedding. Where do you start? How much does a wedding even cost?

There are three things you need to do before anything else.

1. Create a Guest List

When you book a tour of a venue, the first question they will ask is "How many people are you inviting?" Some venues allow 300 guests, some are capped at 50. Before you can tour a venue, you need to know how many people you are inviting. And you don't know how many people you are inviting until you create your list. It's easy to say "We want a small wedding, around 80 people." Next thing you know, your mom invites her 100 closest friends and now you have a huge wedding! Get with your partner and write out everyone you want to invite. Let your mom review it, let your best friend review it, make sure it is finalized.

2. Choose a Date

When would you like to get married? Have you always envisioned a winter wedding? Or do you want to get married outside with the trees changing colors in the background? Choose a date you prefer. Keep in mind, the venue might have that date already booked. It is smart to choose a backup date just in case.

3. Find a Venue

Would you like an outside wedding or an inside wedding? Do you prefer an all inclusive wedding or a venue that allows you to customize everything exactly how you want? There are so many beautiful venues in Arizona, take your time! Your venue will create the atmosphere for your wedding.

After these three steps are complete, the fun can begin! You are well on your way to planning your perfect day!