You Do You: Nontraditional Weddings

So you love halloween? You dress in lolita fashion? Christmas is your favorite time of year? Have you considered having a nontraditional wedding that showcases this passion of yours?

More and more people are choosing to have nontraditional weddings. Simply search in Pinterest for "Vampire Wedding" and you will be amazied at the dark, moody wedding photos that pop up.

If you and your partner have a shared love of something, why not incorporate it into your big day? This can be done in a small way (carry something unique down the aisle, cater a special type of food, have your guest book be a unique item that guests sign on) or you can choose to theme your entire wedding towards your shared interested.

I have heard too many women and men regret not having more fun on their wedding day. A few years down the line, what might you regret? Don't forget, this is your day! Make sure it reflects you!